The MedChem Lab Milestones

Congress and dissemination


  • From Nature to Synthetic Compounds: Novel 1(N),2,3 Trisubstituted-5-oxopyrrolidines Targeting Multiple Myeloma Cells
    Listro, R., Malacrida, A., Ambrosio, F.A., Rossino, G., Di Giacomo, M., Cavalloro, V., Garbagnoli, M., Linciano, P., Rossi, D., Cavaletti, G., Costa, G., Alcaro, S., Miloso, M., Collina, S. (2022) International Journal of Molecular Science, 23(21), 13061. DOI: 10.3390/ijms232113061 ABSTRACT: The insurgence of drug resistance in treating Multiple Myeloma (MM) still represents a major hamper in
  • Walking around the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy): An Ethnobotanical Investigation
    Cavalloro, V., Robustelli della Cuna, F.S., Quai, E., Preda, S., Bracco, F., Martino E., Collina S. (2022) Plants, 11(17), art. no. 2246. DOI: 10.3390/plants11172246 ABSTRACT: The Trentino-South Tyrol region is a special statute region of northeastern Italy. This territory is of particular interest for its morphology, flourishing vegetation, and history, having been a meeting area among
  • Urea-Based Anticancer Agents. Exploring 100-Years of Research with an Eye to the Future.
    Listro, R., Rossino, G., Piaggi, F., Sonekan, F. F., Rossi, D., Linciano, P., Collina, S. (2022) Frontiers in Chemistry, 10, art. no. 995351. DOI: 10.3389/fchem.2022.995351 ABSTRACT: Suramin was the first urea-based drug to be approved in clinic, and in the following century a number of milestone drugs based on this scaffold were developed. Indeed, urea soon became
  • Biocatalysis: A Smart and Green Tool for the Preparation of Chiral Drugs
    Rossino, G., Robescu, M. S., Licastro, E., Tedesco, C., Martello, I., Maffei, L., Vincenti, G., Bavaro, T., Collina, S. (2022) Chirality, 34(11), pp. 1403–1418.  DOI: 10.1002/chir.23498 ABSTRACT: Over the last decades, biocatalysis has achieved growing interest thanks to its potential to enable high efficiency, high yield, and eco-friendly processes aimed at the production of pharmacologically relevant compounds.
  • New insight into pectin effects on mesophyll conductance in four species of deciduous Forest.
    Martino, E., Granata, M.U., Catoni, R., Cavalloro, V.; Bracco, F.  (2022) Natural product research, 36(17), art. no. 2246. DOI: 10.1080/14786419.2021.1990280 ABSTRACT: The amount of pectin in the cell wall is considered a critical element regulating cell wall porosity. Thus, it is likely to influence the diffusional processes particularly that from the substomatal cavities to the carboxylation