The LabMedChem is fully equipped with all the facilities and instruments to perform lab/mid-scale organic synthesis under the most modern standards of production (i.e., standard and in parallel synthesis, peptide- synthesis, microwave assisted chemistry, flow chemistry) and rapid purification systems. Moreover, it possesses all the facilities and instruments for the extraction, isolation, and full chemical characterization of secondary metabolites from vegetal sources and complex matrices.

The LabMedChem possess two microwave-reactors CEM Discover, a FT-IR spectrometer, and two analytical/semipreparative HPLCs.

The LabMedChem will also benefit of the scientific and technical expertise, and services provided by the CGS (Centro Grandi Strumenti) which offer the latest in high-tech instruments for the structural determination and analysis of the synthesized new chemical entities. This includes high field NMR (Bruker 400), GC and HPLC Mass spectrometry (e.g., GC/MS CombiPAL /Thermo Scientific DSQ II Single Quadrupole, GC/MS Thermo Scientific DSQ II Single Quadrupole, LC/MS Thermo Scientific LCQ Fleet Ion Trap, GC-MS/MS TSQ QUANTUM Thermo Scientific), Primary protein structure sequencer (G1000A) and X-ray diffractometer (ENRAF-NONIUS CAD4).