Physiopathology of Sigma-1 Receptors

We are happy to announce that we attended the Physiopathology of Sigma-1 Receptors, which took place on 20-29 September 2023 in Montpellier (France).

We contributed to the congress with two oral presentations by professor Linciano and Dr Rossino. The first contribution was entitled “Novel S1R agonists counteracting NMDA excitotoxicity and oxidative stress as neuroprotective agents” and was the result of an interdisciplinary group that faresaw the collaboration with Prof. Marco Peviani, Biology and Biotechnology Department “L. Spallanzani” of the university of Pavia, Dr. Anna Tesei, Laboratory of Radiobiology and Preclinical Pharmacology, IRCCS, MELDOLA, FC, and Dr. Massimo Dondio, APHAD s.r.l, Buccinasco (MI).

The secondo contribution by Dr Giacomo Rossino entitled “The deuterium-containing drug D2-RC-33 as a new tool for studying sigma-1 receptors in ALS and a probe for high resolution AP-MALDI MS imaging”. This work is one of the results of our long-lasting experience in the study of sigma receptors and their involvement in human diseases