Simona Collina

Full Professor in Medicinal Chemistry
Dean of School of Pharmacy, University of Pavia
Coordinator of the Post Graduated Master Course in Drug Design and Development
Associate Editor of Chirality (Wiley)
Member of the Editorial Board of Molecules (MDPI), Section of Medicinal Chemistry
Università di Pavia
Dipartimento di Scienze del Farmaco
via Taramelli, 12
27100 Pavia
tel. +39-0382-987379  fax +39-0382-422975


The leitmotiv of Prof Simona Collina research activity, common to all research lines, is the study of chiral compounds and of the relationship between absolute configuration and biological activity. Over the years, efficient production of single enantiomers from small to large scale and efficient analytical methods for evaluating the enantiomeric excess and for determining the absolute configuration of homochiral compounds have become of great interest and a fundamental challenge for medicinal chemists.
Her research interests include the design and synthesis of small molecules, peptides, and peptidomimetics and focus of their therapeutic application, in particular in neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and pain. Her interests also focus on drug discovery from natural sources.
Among the different research topics, the discovery of small molecules able to affect the protein kinase C (PKC)/ELAV proteins/mRNA system as well as new modulators of sigma receptors as well as of are the most challenging. The Nature Aided Drug Design is another field of interest.