Giacomo Rossino

Assistant Professor in Medicinal Chemistry
School of Pharmacy, University of Pavia

viale Taramelli, 12
27100 Pavia
tel. +39-0382-987911

Giacomo Rossino graduated in Chemistry in 2016 at the University of Pavia with a thesis in organic synthesis. He then attended the PhD course in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, working in the field of medicinal chemistry under the supervision of prof. Collina, and defended his thesis in 2020. During this period, his research focused mainly on the development of Sigma Receptors ligands with neuroprotective properties. He has also been a visiting student at the University of Talca (Cile) and at the University of Münster (Germany), to acquire skills in computational chemistry and biophysical assays. During the post-doctoral experience, he worked on the design, synthesis and biological validation of multitarget-directed ligands in different research projects, ranging from neurodegeneration to cancer. He is currently working on the development of new anticancer agents implementing green chemistry techniques to reduce the environmental impact of the drug discovery process.