Daniela Rossi

Associate Professor in Medicinal Chemistry
School of Pharmacy, University of Pavia

viale Taramelli, 12
27100 Pavia
tel. +39-0382-987379  fax +39-0382-422975
e-mail daniela.rossi@unipv.it

Daniela Rossi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Drug Sciences of the University of Pavia since 2006. After her Ph.D. (2003), she spent four years in the pharmaceutical industry. Her research activity mainly focuses on rational drug design and structure–activity relationship studies of new biologically active compounds. Specifically, the identification and biological investigation of new modulators of sigma receptors and small molecules able to affect the protein kinase C (PKC)/ELAV proteins/mRNA system are the main topics of her research. The development of methodologies suitable for the preparation of homochiral compounds is another key interest.